kitchen garden

Tomato; mini tomamo "AIKO".


One of my sisters loves vegetable cultivation. One day she gave me small delicious tomato that she grew by herself.
She told me the tomato's name was "AIKO".
I came to want to grow it. This is my first time to grow tomato from seeds. I hope they grow well.

The report starts from the line below.
Aug. 29

My pots were damaged by typhoons. Strong wind carried the pots away, and some of them overturned.
Some branches broke. But small flowers are blooming still now.
I wonder if these flowers can grow tomato.
Aug. 7

I can harvest every morning.
They have many branches and grew up so high.
It was hard to take photo.

This is the photo that I took this morning.
The season of tomato is summer. I wonder how long I can get them.
July 7

Some turned red. But wind and rain by typhoon is sometimes heavy.
I wonder if they grow well.
June 22

They have branches full of tomato.
But they are green still now.
Do they turn red after some fine days?
June 9

I found a tomato today.
Though it is small and green, it is cute and just a baby tomato.
May 27

The buds started to bloom. This is the first flower.
May 15

I found the buds. (Maybe, or I hope these are buds.)
We had cold days that wasn't good for vegetable growing. But it became warmer day by day.
I hope they grow well.

May 6

I selected the well-growing one, and planted it in a plant pot.

April 12

They are growing slowly. I wonder why seeds in each pot are growing differently.
It is getting warm day by day.
It's good temperature for vegetable growing!

April 8

Each pot started germination. I expect all grow well.

April 6

Only the seeds in this pot are growing.

March 30

I found a sprout!
After I had seeded, it became so cold, and snowed.
I'm surprised and glad.
Though sprout is only one, I'm so glad.

March 5

I seeded.
Just a little seeds in the paper bag. So I seeded in each small plastic pot.
My sister told me that it was too cold for seeding.
I worry if they grow well.