kitchen garden

komatsuna; Japanese mustard spinach.


I seeded edible plant in a container, because I hear it is easy to grow and strong.
This is komatsuna, a kind of Japanese spinach.

The report starts from the line below.
August 30

I harvested them.
And I ate them stir-frying together with pork and other vegetables.
The vegetable I raised myself is so delicious.

took on August 26

They grew up to over 20cm.
Soon it will become one month since planting.
I might be able to eat them next week.

took on August 15

They are growing well.
The pack of seeds writes that you can harvest in a month.
It seems I can get it successfully.

August 14

I trimmed again, and I ate them in miso soup.

August 9

I planted too many seeds.
I trimmed some.

August 2

They grew in the container.

July 31

The next morning, they have expanded like this.
How fast it grows!

July 30

They had already germinated 2 days after I seeded.
I was surprised .

The buds have come out in the entire container.

This is a part of them.