Kitchen Garden---strawberry autumn harvest

It was hot summer day
I bought a potted strawberry seeding.
This is my report from flowering to the harvest.
It was the first experience to get strawberry in autumn.


August 5

Planted it in a pot.

Autust 22

It had the first flower.
I worry if it is pollinated successfully in the veranda.

August 28

I touched stamen and pistil with a cotton ball.
Looks it was pollinated successfully.

September 1

The center became a strawberry,
but it's interesting that only one petal remains

September 11

The strawberry is growing.
But it is green yet.

September 20

Became slowly gradually red.

September 26

I got strawberry at last.
The first harvest of strawberry. So delicious!

I planted their long vine into the other pot.
They are growing well. Maybe they will make more strawberry next spring.