Traveling in the US 2000
In Washington DC
I didn't imagine that I would be able to see White House such freely.

White House

I arrived at Union station that is the overland entrance of Washington DC. I wanted to see the inside of the station but I knew I didn't have enough time. I went out at a quick pace to find where the bus tours would start.

stationThe bus terminal was in front of the station. From there many different bus tours start. The longest one takes almost through a day and the shortest one takes about two hours. The shortest tour was the most suitable for my schedule. It is a short cut tour but it covers most of the attractive places that the tourists have to see.

Washington DCWashington DC has the most important federal systems such as the Capitol, the Supreme Court. I'd been thinking that this area would be a stiff and strict place. But it was not that. I felt it was a delightful sightseeing city full of tourists. I was surprised. The bus drivers were so friendly and they gave us the detailed explanation.

I got off the bus at a food court to have lunch, and after lunch I went toward White House that was my purpose of coming there.

WHITE@HOUSEI arrived at this gate after looking up the map and asking some persons the direction. The nameplate said it was White House. I could see a white building beyond the grove. It looked the entrance. After I ran along the grove, I got to the place where I could see White House in front of me.

Tourists were looking at it and were taking photos. This is the house for the President but we, foreign tourists, can see so freely, and take photos freely.
I hear that any tourists can enter White House, if you have the ticket for the guided tour in White House. But you have to go to the Information Center very early in the morning and you have to wait in a long line to get one.


At the front yard, sport games and some event were being held.
I was sorry that I didn't have enough time to see them. I rushed to the bus stop again.
I took so many photos because I saw the famous buildings from the bus window. But you maybe have seen the photos of them.
Let me show you the photos of the street scenery. They will tell how this city is beautiful and how the tourists were enjoying there.

Washington DCWashington DC

I came back to Union Station, and I could take the earlier train than my schedule. I thought I would be back in New York until the dinner time.
Soon after the train started, it stopped and the announcement said something strange was found on the rail and the train would stop until they remove it.
The train delayed some hours and it was nearly ten o'clock when I came back to the Penn station.
If I had taken the train I had scheduled, I might have not been able to come back to the hotel in the same day.

New York Central Park

New York City

Statue of Liberty

Amtrak travel to Washington DC