Traveling in the US 2000
Amtrak travel to Washington DC

Now that I came to New York I wanted to go to Washington DC because I had been thinking it is close. And I was interested in Amtrack. My guide book says it is too far for one day trip. But I wanted to go. I bought a round-trip ticket including bus tour in Washington DC. The travel agency told me it might be too far to come back in the day. I worried but I knew I had to come back.

I left the hotel before 7 o'clock in the morning and went to Pennsylvania Station. It was raining, cool and a little dark.

AmtrakWhen I arrived at the station, I didn't find where the train was scheduled to leave. Until a kind person told me to see the electric board, I walked round here and there in the crowded station.

AmtrakI hear that Amtrak (the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) goes to many places. I have seen one in Canada.
I had heard that it would be so crowded because it's used as commuter train. But the business hour had already ended and it was not crowded.

The travel in train was so interesting. I went directly to Washington DC but the train stopped by at the stations that I'd ever heard of their names.
The following photos are what I took in the train.


Amtrak Amtrak

I love train travel and Amtrack is one of the trains that I'd been interested in. I really enjoyed the time in the train.

I arrived at Washington DC in three hours and a half.
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New York Central Park

New York City

Statue of Liberty

In Washington DC