Traveling in the US 2000
New York[2] New York City
New York is known as one of the biggest cities in the world. I had been worrying that this city might be too big to walk around by myself. But it was easy to understand. It is neatly divided like a go board.

New York City The streets that run north and south are called "avenue" and the streets that run west and east are called "street". It's so simple and easy to understand !
The subway runs north and south. When I wanted to go west and east, I took bus. It's so convenient and easy to understand.

New York CityWhile I was walking the street, I was in front of the Tiffany. It didn't have any loud decorations and signs. It was the smart building. I enjoyed looking at the luxurious jewelry. It had not only too expensive jewelry but also small accessories that the travelers can afford one.

This is the rail road station "Grand Central Station". The hotel man told me that the interior was restored so fine. It was so beautiful station.

New York CityI took this photo at the entrance. The ceiling of the con-course looked as if it was the sky full of twinkling stars. There are many shops and restaurants in this station.

New York CityThis is the restaurant "Oyster Bar". I have seen a interesting TV program about this restaurant. It reported a detective novel that the character in the novel was shut up in the basement of this restaurant.
We had dinner there on the last day in New York. Every dish was so delicious.

New York Central Park

Statue of Liberty

Amtrak travel to Washington DC

Washington DC