Traveling in the US 2000
New York[1] Central Park
I traveled in the US in May. I have been to the US several times but it was my first visit New York.

Central Park I went to the Central Park first.
I saw many coaches at the South entrance. They were decorated with beautiful flowers. I walked to the inside the park.

It was too large for traveler to go around all. I walked about one-third of it. Soon after I entered there, I saw many trees and pond. The fresh air was so comfortable. When you look up, you'll see the skycraper of New York City. It was really the park in the big city. The photo on the right shows the pond that will become the ice skating rink in the winter.

Central ParkCentral Park

Central ParkThere are jogging-track and cycle-track in the park. It was Saturday. Many joggers, Roller bladers and wheel chair persons were enjoying the week-end afternoon.

I hear that one of the idea of the planner of this park was to make it to be the good place for kids. I felt this park to be the oasis for the people who live in a modern city.

Central ParkThis is the memorial plate that was designed by Yoko Ono for John Lennon. It was on the sidewalk in the corner named "Strawberry Field". My guide book says that it was made of marble sent from Italy.

New York City

Statue of Liberty

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