Charcoal in tea ceremony

flowerkakejikuIn January we have the first tea ceremony gathering to cerebrate the new year's day.

Usually we are allowed to go to our teacher's house to practice tea ceremony at our convenient time. This means we rarely get all together.

So the first gathering is the opportunity to see the others and also the people who used to be learning but not now come to enjoy tea ceremony time together.

tea ceremony

The new year's tea ceremony is quite formal.
The tea ceremony room is decorated by special decorations and the SHINDAISU is placed at the place for serving tea.
I informed of this shelf in this page last year.

These photos show the way to add charcoals into the fireplace.


In tea ceremony we have some rules to set the charcoals in the fireplace.
They are the good method to take fire faster and also look beautiful.
Actually the view of black charcoals and red fire in the white ashes is so fine.
The guests can come close to the fireplace to see this process. It is charcoal ceremony, so to speak.

charcoal Soon after the charcoals start to get fire, the fragrance of incense begins to float in the room. And the kettle starts to make sounds to tell the water is getting hot.
This sound is called SHOU-RAI, which means the breeze among pine trees.
To get better sound, kettles for tea ceremony have some protuberance in their bottom inside.

roThis is the pattern on the wooden edge of the fireplace called KOMA-TUNAGI.

In Japan housing and the lifestyle are quite westernized these days. I am learning tea ceremony for many years but live in the western style room. So tea ceremony time in our teacher's room is so precious for me.

January 1999

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