Tya-bako and Bon-date

kettle Tea ceremony can be held in any room that doesn't have the special fireplace for tea ceremony.
In this case we use any kettle, any fireplace or even a thermos bottle with hot water in it.bon

The photo on the right shows the minimum tea ceremony tools on a circle-shaped tray.

This is a method that's called "Bon-date".

The next photo shows a box called Tya-bako. Tya means tea and bako(or hako) means a box to keep something in it.
We can keep a bowl, a tea powder container, and others in this box. They are made in smaller size than ones that we usually use. This box have a inside plate that can be used to set every tool in the box as a tray when we serve tea.


These Bon-date and Tya-bako are used when we serve tea in familiar and informal situation.
They are called the informal way for tea ceremony.

About informal way for serving tea

I sometimes receive e-mail to ask why we have to learn many rules and set such many tools and decorations for serving a cup of tea. It's natural that everyone wonders. But we don't have to. That's why I showed these informal cases. You can serve and have Japanese powdered green tea relaxed as you like.

Tea ceremony that I'm informing is the "ceremony". And tea ceremony contains Japanese historical and traditional culture within itself.
In Japan our daily lives and housing have been quite changing these days. There are many houses that don't have even tatami mats rooms.
Learning tea ceremony is studying Japanese unique and specific culture. I'm enjoying Japanese culture that many of them are dying in modern daily lives through learning tea ceremony.

Please take a look at "Scene and Events in my town", another manu in my home page. I uploaded the report of an interesting tea ceremony party.

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