Our tea ceremony practice room in autumn
autumn leave

Summer has gone and it is getting cooler day by day. Sometimes we feel cold rather than cool in the morning and at night.
The leaves have started to fall and are changing their color.
Soon we'll have cold winter.
In tea ceremony we call this season " Nagori no cya "
means to give an affectionate farewell to the summer that everything was bright and energetic.
Besides this season is special for tea ceremony from another reason.
The tea leaves are harvested in the early summer and they are kept in the ceramic pottery until the early winter. They increace their flavor while they are being kept in the pottery for nearly six months.
So in this season we drink and serve tea that were harvested last year and don't have much tea. We are having remnants waiting for the day we open the tea pottery and taste this year's new tea.
The phrase "Nagori no cha" comes from these condition.

autumn leave

I'll show you photos of our tea ceremony practice room with some information.

which is placed on the plate
made of wood and lacquered.
Hishaku ( ladle )and
Futaoki( to put the lid of the kettle on ) on the left.
Do you see the autumnal-colored leaves
are painted on the futaoki?
the pitcher full of cool water,
farther from the guest.
This means hot FURO, fire in it, is closer
than the cool water to the guest.
flowerkakejiku Kakejiku,
a hanging scrall, says
autumn has come.

And autumnal wild flowers.

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