Switzerland Riederalp

Riederalp, the last days in Switzerland

Riederalp info isn't written in my guide book but I heard it is known as the place where the nature is preserved. It was.
I stayed relaxed and painted some pictures.

When I was painting, children came and I talked with them. Thay noticed the colors I was using to paint, because it was made in Germany. They might be interested in that Japanese was using Germany goods.
The hotel receptionist told me that many people came there for skiing and it's so crowded in winter. When I was there it was so quiet and flowers were so beautiful.

Then the last day I stayed at Zurich one night.
It was a nice city where there were modern buildings and historical ones.

In Switzerland, I enjoyed the clear sky, clean air, beautiful nature, and the people who were so kind to me!
How i wish to go again.
Thanks for all people who I met while I was traveling.

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