Holiday in Switzerland(5)

Montreux, Lac Leman and to Zermatt


The next day I wanted to go cruising again.

St.GimgolphSt.GimgolphI got on the ship, and after one hour cruise I got off at St.Gimgolph.
It was a quiet and beautiful town.

St.Gimgolph While I was walking around watching the houses, I noticed the policeman was checking every car crossing at a gate.
It was the border line area.
At last I found I was not in Switzerland but in France.

Japan is an island country. We have to follow many legal procedure and to be checked up at the gate when we go abroad. So, I was surprised that I could go to the foreign country such freely. It was quite amazing for me. I traveled France in an hour and came back to Switzerland in an hour.


This is Gornergrat(3089km).
When I had lunch at the restaurant looking at Matterhorn, many high mountains and grasir, I felt I were in some novel or cinema.

Zermatt This is the main street in Zermatt.
Zermatt is so popular for Japanese tourists.
I found some stores that had signs in Japanese characters.

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Wild flowers I saw in Switzerland

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