Cherry blossoms in Yokohama 2018

As we had long cold winter, I'd been worrying if we could see cherry blossoms this year. But they started bloom earlier than last year. They might have grown energetically while enduring coldness.
After they had bloomed, the warm mild days continued. So they bloomed longer.

The plaza in Yokohama MINATOMIRAI 21 was filled with people.
It is in front of World Porters building.

This is not cherry flower. Maybe it's peach tree.
They were blooming brightly.
This area is on the port side promenade
that connect Yamashita port park and JR Sakuragi-cho station.

Flowers are so beautiful and make me cheer up.
But they make me feel solitary when they scattered.

Thanks for viewing my photo.
Took in April 2018

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