Autumn flowers

Flowers in blossoms in fresh sunlight in autumn.

Blue ginger.
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora

The name board said its name is blue ginger, and it belongs to spiderwort. It's quite different from spiderwort that I know, with the color and size.
It had many beautiful flowers.
I thought there are so many quite different variety.

genus Salvia

In spite of the same flower, there is an alias such as salvia and sage. Is it called sage in herbAand called salvia in gardening? I'm not sure.
A small insect had come when noticing it.


( Cockoo plant in Japanese )

Maybe this is one of Japanese toadlily. But it had more flowers and they were larger. Though it had looked up in my illustrated reference bookA‚”his kind was not found.

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