A moment in late summer.

Temperature is falling little by little, and it became a little cooler these days.
It seems that flowers sense the season is changing from summer to autumn.

[Ageratum]     mum department ageratum belonging
flossflower, pussy-foot
The flower language    trust, comfortable.

It looks like nostalgic knit bonbon.
The petals are so rumpled that it's difficult to take photo.

Maybe this cluster is a flower.

[Althea] Althea department hibiscus belonging
althea, rose of Sharon
Flower language    Delicate beauty, belief.
[heartseed] Caldiospelmam belonging
balloon vine, heartseed
Flower language Charming character

This is the representative flower tree in summer.
This belongs the same as hibiscus,
but althea is cooler beauty.

When I looked up by chance, a lot of truths were swinging.
Is it only me who feel somehow fairy tale?

[Zinnia] mum department zennia belonging
common zinnia
Flower language    noble mind

In Japanese name it is flowers which bloom for a hundred days.
As the name tells, flowers keep blooming long.
Zennia is smaller than original flowers that I used to see, and there are flowers of more colors.

The change of stamen and pistil is beautiful.

[Torenia] Trenia belonging
torenia, Wishbone flower
Flower language    beauty
[Lantana] Lantana belonging
Flower language    severe.

Cute flower that I like.
I haven't seen recently, and I happened to see this flower.

It's interesting that the color of flower changes gradually.
I've often seen a butterfly is on the flower. Lantana might have a lot of delicious honey.

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