Plum blossom and cherry blossom

Plum flower usually blooms early in spring, but it started blooming later than last year.
Maybe because of intense cold of this winter.
One day it became warmer, and spring flowers suddenly bloomed.

Plum blossoms in an amusement park near-by.(March 11)

When I went there some days before, there were only a few flowers.
On this day, they were full-bloom already.

Plum flowerPlum flower

Cherry blossoms in Yamashita Park.(March 19)

I went to Yokohama Port area, because I love this area very much.
I was surprised to see a cherry tree full of flowers.
I took photos with New Grabd Hotel and MM21 area for the background.

cherry blossomcherry blossom

cherry blossomcherry blossom

When flowers bloom, people come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take photos.
I am one of them of course.
But sometimes it is difficult to take photo not including people for the background.
Because I want to protect the rights of their portraits.

Thanks for viewing my photo.

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