Yokohama port, Yamashita park.

I sometimes come to want to see port scenery very much, because I grew up close to Port Yokohama.
One day I went to Yamashita Park. This is the panorama photo that I tied three photos.

Left photo
This is a figure of a girl wearing red shoes.
This girl is sung in a children's song, and is known as true story of a girl who was taken to foreign country.

Right photo
This is a wind power plant (aerogenerator) that was named "Hama wing". The spectacle with the background of the sea is beautiful. But I feel it is not only beautiful but it is the symbol of our desire for clean energy. I wish nature clean energy would save the electrified society from artificial pollution,

When I opened the photos on PC, I found a strange floating object.
It looks as if it is a UFO, isn't it? Maybe it is crow or sea gull that have been flying in front of my camera.

One night more than twenty years ago, I have seen some unusual thing with my families and neighbors. Some flying objects looked like UFO. Home video and digital camera were not in popular use those days, and I couldn't keep image.

Thanks for viewing my photo.

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