Port Yokohama Yamashita park in late autumn,

Yamashita Park, which is located along Port Yokohama, is one of my favorite place.
Because I can enjoy the wind of the port and the smell of the tide there.
I went there after a long time on the day when APEC ended.
The ginkgo tree in the Main Street began to turn yellow.

Sky tree tower in Tokyo attracts attention now.
BUT, don't forget there is Marine tower in my Yokohama.
I took Marine tower together with ginkgo tree, intending my home towns tower.

Roses in Yamashita park

There are not many roses, but they were beautiful with flowers of various color.

They attracted visitors, because most of summer flowers are finishing now.

Hikawa-maru used to be the floating hotel. It is now wharfed in this park as the marine pavilion.
The graceful appearance that floats on the Yokohama port is beautiful, and it is one of the sightseeing spots in Yamashita park.
I was aware of a lot of sea gulls on the chain.
They might be watching the scenery of the park and us.

Took on November 19 2010

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