Kamakura benzaiten, Sarasvati

Various places get into news under the name "power spot".
I hear that some shrines became so popular and they are crowded with visitors.
Then, let me introduce you the power spot in Kamakura. It is Kamakura Benzaiten Shrine. Benzaiten is the name of Goddess of wealth.
This shrine has spring water. The water has a power, and the money cleaned by the water come back to the payer again after paying.

The entrance.
Precincts of the shrine is surrounded by cliff of the mountain, and this tunnel is the entrance to the precincts.
There is the shrine office at the center of precincts, and the incense stick and the candle for visiting are sold there by 100 yen.

Kamakura shrine

There are five shrines in the precinct, but many visitors go to only one shrine where there is a spring water to clean coins.
The precinct is quiet nice place full of trees and water place, so I recommend visit five shrines to enjoy the different scenery.


This is the inner place where the pure water springs out. You wash your money by the pure spring water.
I saw some people who were cleaning their purses, credit card, or lottery. But those things would get wet.
Basically it is better to wash coins.

Power spot in KamakuraPower spot in Kamakura

A lot of senba-zurus (means a thousand cranes made of folded paper) are hung from the ceiling in the cave.
There is a board for the votive picture too.
Both are the sign of desire or appreciation of fulfilled wish.

Power spot in KamakuraPower spot in Kamakura


It takes 30 minutes from JR Kamakura St. by walk. There are guide boards here and there .

There is a parking lot for visitors, but parking is prohibited on the day of the serpent which is the good day to visit. There are pay-as-you-stay type lot in region of going into it.

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