Cherry blossoms in Ofuna Botanical garden,

On 22 April, I went to Ofuna botanical center.
Though cherry blossoms in my town had already scattered,
I could see the following three kinds of cherries there.
They are known as familiar kinds that used to be cultivated in Japan.

==========Prunus lannesiana E. H. Wils.==========
Japanese common name means turmeric cherry blossoms
The flower petals are greenish. It is popular among the visitors because the color is rare in cherry blossoms.

==========Rosaceae lannesiana==========
There is a green leaf-looking part in the center of the flower.
They say it make us imagine Buddhist saint

==========Prunus lannesiana Wils. ==========
Large double-petaled flowers were in full-bloom.
The color is reddish pink, and they look so vivid.
The tall tree was full of flowers, and extremely remarkable.

took on April 22 2009

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