Taura plum grove in Yokosuka City

    I went to a mountain in Taura, Yokosuka City, where there are the most large plum grove in this peninsula. The slope of the mountain was filled with different various kind of plum trees.
The slope was so steep and long that I was tired and sweated, but stairs were maintained and there were a lot of plum trees around it.

At the highest plaza, I could see the beautiful panorama.
The left side is Yokohama City, and the right side is Yokosuka.

Flowering was early because it was a mild winter this year. Though the blooming time was finishing, there were various kinds of plum trees such as white, red, single flowers and multi-petal flowers.
Or, the strong wind in late February might have dispersed flowers.

Though it was too late to enjoy the fragrance of plum blossoms, I could enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.


took on February 27 2007
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