Kuala Lumpur

Twin Tower and KL monorail

Petronas Twin Tower is the symbol of Kuala Lumpur. I thought of going there by KL monorail. When I visited Kuala Lumpur last time, both were under construction.
KL monorail is convenient transportation to go to the main grounds in Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city of Malaysia.
The view from the large window of the train was nice.

When I got off the monorail, the street around the station was full of people who were saying something loudly. I remembered that I heard that a big demonstration gathering might have been somewhere in the city on that day. It was this street.
I gave up to go near the tower.

I went to the tower in the afternoon when demonstration finished,
but I realized the tower was too tall to take picture.
The following is panorama of night view that I took in the hotel room. Night view is also nice.

Royal palace Istana Negara
The palace and the front gate.

When the bus stopped, the quiet atmosphere of the front gate suddenly became to be crowded.
It's because the tourists rushed to the gate to take photo with the wonderful guard.
Do you see hands both on the right and left of the guard?
Each is the hand of the tourist who is taking the souvenir photograph with him. I also took a photo with him, of course.

There were many plazas and parks, etc. , and there were various buildings. All were so beautiful and wonderful.
I'm sorry that it was difficult to take good photo because they were too tall to take it in a picture, the sun light was strong on the top or backlight.
This one of the most impressively beautiful building.
It was on the opposite side of Merdeka Square ( Independent plaza ).
(Surtan Abdul Samad Building)

Thank you for seeing memories of my travel together.
"Terima kasih" (Thank you in malay language)

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