I cruised The Strait of Malacca in a small boat. The followings are photos that I took on the boat.
The left is the pier of tour boat. The beautiful building in the right photo seemed to be a building of religion.

Malacca is the oldest town in Malaysia, and there were a lot of historic places and buildings.
The right is Christianity Protestantism's church that I had seen in my guide book.
The left is a St.Francisco Xavier church of Catholicism. It was on the hill and there was his statue in the garden. He is well known in Japan, because he introduced Christianity and West culture to Japan.

There were colorful banners to tell the town was in the week of the festival. According to the guide, the new fiscal year of the school starts in January in Malaysia. The long vacation has started now.
Jinrikisha were decorated with colorful flowers, and music began when they took guest.
The street was filled with shops and crowded with people.

Next I went for sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur that is the capital of Malaysia.

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