Cameron Highland

Our bus ran climbing the mountain to Cameron Highland. The mountain was fogged, and we couldn't see the top of the mountain. The mountain is at altitude 1800 meters and it's a popular summer resort. Our hotel was located on altitude 1600 meters and felt cool.

morning fair
We stopped by at a morning fair. It seemed to be not for the tourists but for residents around there. Fruits looked so fresh.
When I bought some oranges, I couldn't understand what they were telling me. Maybe it was Malaysian language.

Cactus Valley
I wondered why cactus grow in Malaysia, because I knew cactus grow in dry place.
It was a botanical garden which was built on slope in a mountain, and flowers and cactus were planted in pots.

Nyonya dish
One of enjoyments of travel is food. I heard there is a peculiar food called nyonya in Malaysia.
This photo is nyonya dish I had as lunch.
When simply saying, Nyonya food is a Mara style Chinese cuisine seasoned with the spice and the coconut. Basic ingredients are the vegetable, the lobster, and chicken,
They were delicious.

Tea field
Until I went there, I didn't know that Malaysia was special product ground of tea.
There were some vast tea fields.

I also stopped by at this fall, but I forgot its name.

Hot spring pond.

This hot spring used to be for the person who gathered for sick treatment. But now it is beautifully maintained like a park.
There are several hot spring ponds of different depth and different temperature. Flowers were blooming along the passage.

Next I went to Malacca.

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