Orangutang Sanctuary

I went from the Penang island to the orangutang sanctuary island in Sandakan.
It was in the island with virgin forest. Orangutang means a person in the forest in Malay language.
I heard that the number of them had increased before extermination as a result of the protection promotion on this island.

Orangutang island

The wood road is surrounded with the wire net.
Very big adult orangutangs came close to us as if they welcomed us.
We watched orangutangs, but they might have been observing human race.
When the guide person and the staff of the island called the name of them,
they turned around and came closer.


This is the place where child orangutangs are playing.
There is no net between us.
They looked cheerful and lovely.
We were told that their character is calm and friendly.

child Orangutangchild Orangutang

From birth to infant age, they grow up in taking care by the staff,
because the purpose of this island is to save them from extermination.
The following phot shows you a baby who was sleeping on the bed like the hammock
in the child care room partitioned with the glass.
I wish he (or she) grow up healthy.

 baby Orangutang

Leaving the island, I noticed some advertising signboards including Japan's company.
I hope such an advertising fee are useful to the orangutang protection activity of this island.

Orangutang island

Next I went to Cameron Highland.

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