Traveling Malaysia

Thanks for hospitality and friendship of Malaysian people during my travel.

I traveled Malaysia in November 2007.
I hear that 2007 is the Malaysia's 50th anniversary of independence, and TV often shows us beautiful attracting CM of tourism.
I don't know much about Malaysia, but I came to want to visit there.
It was a short trip but I saw interesting and beautiful scenery there. I'm going to introduce the places and things that I saw in Malaysia.
I am glad if you enjoy it.

My journey was
Narita (Tokyo)--Kuala Lumpur--Pulau Penang--Cameron Highlands--Kuala Lumpur-Narita (Tokyo)

Pulau Penang (The nirvana Shakyamuni)Orangutan sanctuary island.
Cameron Highland.Malacca.
Kuala Lumpur.Flowers in Malaysia.