Kanazawa-ku Festa '99

flag Kanazawa-ku (Kanazawa Ward) has a park along the beautiful sea shore, which is called The Seaside Park.
On October 23th, "Kanazawa Festa 1999" was held in this park. It was a fine day.
It is one of the series of Kanazawa-ku festival. This is the flag of Kanazawa Festivel.

Many marching bands of the schools showed their wonderful performance.


I'm a member of a forest preservation group. We made charcoal by trees that we cut in the forest. We participated in the festa and sold the charcoal to get our activity expenses. Charcoal are not used as the fuel in daily lives but now it's noticed as the nature material for gardening.


We also offered the visitors the experience of cutting log with a saw.


One of my Net friends came to the festival with his family.
His child challenged cutting log and I helped him.

At another corner, the fire station offered the place for fire drill experience. I heard that the post office people worked to clean the park area.

I found there were so many groups in my town to do many different kinds of activities to make our town better and more comfortable.

I felt how nice and wonderful our town Kanazawa-ku is.

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