Cherry Blossoms in Bloom 1999 (April 2)


Cherry blossoms in Kamakura April 16th NEW

Nojima, where I informed before, is so beautiful in spring with cherry trees.
The cherry blossoms are in half bloom on this day.
cherry trees

cherry treescherry trees

This is the cherry blossoms at Muronoki Park. This park is on the opposite shore from Nojima.
There are many cherry trees in this park. When they come in full bloom, many people come and enjoy "Hanami", which means cherry blossoms watching. They have picnic lunch (or dinner) under the trees. Hanami is one of the most popular pleasure among Japanese. They get together, sit on picnic mats, eat, drink, and even sing Karaoke.

cherry blossoms

cherry treescherry trees

kamakura I went to Kamakura City next to Yokohama. The cherry blossoms were too early to enjoy. But it was crowded. Because Kamakura City has so many famous and popular historical spots.

wedding I saw the crowd in front of Kamakura Hachiman-gu. It was a wedding. The bride and bridegroom are in Japanese rickshaw just like the wedding in old days. I hear this is one of the popular style of wedding services in Kamakura.

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