My town in Winter
Nojima park and flowers in winter
Kanazawa Ward is the only one area in Yokohama City that has the beach but it's been artificially changed. Nojima Park is not too commercialized and one of my favorit places in Kanazawa Ward.

From the seashore, I see the artificial island named "Hakkei Island", now the popular amusement park on the sea.
This area is famous for fishing and especially for sea laver. In early winter they place bamboo sticks to gather lavers. They are collected, spread, formed into thin plate and dried to eat with Sushi. These works are held only in winter. When I see the sea view with these sticks, I feel winter is coming.


Nojima Park Under the Mt. Nojima, there is a small park for kids with swings and a slide. There also is a baseball field. In week-ends, I see men and boys are playing games.

sunset Kanazawa used to be very famous for the eight places of scenic beauty and it was painted in Ukiyoe by Hiroshige. But now most of those places were changed into housing.
The street where I took this photo used to be the sea. It is now the residential quarter. I can see the eight beautiful pictures on the stone plate set along the riverside street.

Telling about the mountains in Kanazawa Ward, they were also changed into housing and some area was changed to the artificial park. But the land owners and our volunteer group are doing forest preservation activities.
The following flowers are what I took in the mountain near my house from December to February.

Camellia and daphne flowers in a sunny spot.

Plum blossoms
plum treeplum blossoms

( I took these photos from 1998 December to 1999 February)

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