The early summer at the Hirataka Bay
Bay There is a beautiful promenade from Keikyu-line Kanazawa Hakkei station to Nojima island. This is one of my favorite place in Kanazawa Ward.
A new train system "Sea side line" starts from here.

BayOn the left, you'll see a small island called "Benten-Jima" and a shrine. This is the very small island where you can go soon from Route 16 along the path and the small red bridge.
The area where there is the promenade and the residential quarter used to be the sea about thirty years ago.

BayThe new transportation "Sea side line" runs from Kanazawa Ward to Isogo Ward
This train is used by the people who are working at the industrial area in reclaimed land.

This bay is the harbor for fishing boats.
The mountain ahead is Nojima mountain.

BayThis road connect Kanazawa Ward and Yokosuka City. So the traffic is pretty heavy. And on the right side area from the bridge ahead from this promenade there are Kanto Gakuin. There are elementary school, high school, college and university of Kanto Gakuin.

I love the scenery of this area and the lovely flowers here.
I can enjoy different flowers in each season.

The followings are the flowers I saw in this May.

flower flower flower flower

flower flower flower flower


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