Kanazawa Natural Park in early spring

The approach to this park is always full of flowers except in winter. The wind was cold but I found some spring flowers here and there.

Rape blossoms were out already. But in the forest I saw some spring flowers.
The yellow ones are Japanese witch hazel which bloom earlier than any other kinds of spring flowers. Red ones are camellias.

Pink plum blossoms are in bloom now.
Plum trees have many plums after the flowers end.
We make plum liqueur, soaking them in liquor, or salt them.
Salted plum are very good alkaline food. Japanese have been eating it as health foods for many years.

This giraffe-shaped tree is a gold chrest.

Do you see a round whole high up on the tree?
This was made by KOGERA, a kind of woodpeckers.
( I don't know this name in English ).
We had been thinking that this tree might die but it put forth bud.

Spring is coming soon.

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