'98 Summer Festival

50th Anniversary of my town

50 years has passed since this area was named Kanazawa Ward and became an administrative region of Yokohama City. This zone had been included in Isogo Ward, the next to Kanazawa Ward until then.

The regional office holds the summer festival every year in August.
The highlight of the summer festival is fire works.
This year it was held on August 22th, Saturday night.

The day was also the last day of the high-school baseball championship tournament in summer. Yokohama High-school in Kanazawa Ward got win the championship on the day.
It is held in spring and summer. They got championship in both season this year.

This fireworks display was so exciting for its cerebration the 50th anniversary of our town and the championship of the school in our town.

Happy 50th Anniversary of Kanazawa Ward

Congratulations for Yokohama High-school


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