Cherry blossoms 2009
Somei-yoshino cherry tree

Cherry blossoms. The beauty that they colorfully bloom.
Cherry blossoms. They proud and colorfully show us their beauty, and scatter in less than no time.
They remind me of the old days that I had a pleasant time under cherry blossoms.
They remind me of people who passed away without seeing cherry blossoms of this year.

I reported the wild cherry tree that began to bloom so early in this page.
We heard the flower declaration at middle of March this year, and we expected they would full-bloom early.
But it became colder and rained before they bloom smoothly.
As the temperature rose up in April, they started blooming all at once.
Cherry blossoms in my town are beginning to scatter now.

I took several photos in rain of blossoms and wind.
Please see also another photograph by clicking each title.

Cherry blossoms in the blue sky.===Young bud on the root.===Cherry blossoms in waterside.

took on April 10 2009

Seasonal scenery in my town.