Winter scenery in my town.

January of this year is colder than usual. The following photographs are what I took on January 2 2008.

Yacht and fishing boats were moored in quiet Hirakata bay.

Chinaberry ( Melia azedarach )
Under the tree which had a lot of nuts, a pigeon was looking at me.

Yeddo-hawthorn ( Rhaphiolepis umbellata ) was ending the season of nuts, and aloe was blooming.

In the colorless winter scenery, sasanqua camellia was the vivid bright existence.

Kanazawa Ward remains the nature's gift of mountains and the sea.
But the housing land development is continuing also here, and it is causing the destruction of nature.
I wish any destruction doesn't advance any more .

took on January 2, and wrote on January 29.

Seasonal scenery in my town.