Cherry blossoms 2007

My town was colored by cherry blossoms.
Please let me show you the beautiful scenery of my town.

When I was walking to watch cherry blossoms, the sky was gradually clearing up.
It was lucky for taking photo
This seems to be the Somei-Yoshino cherry tree that is the most common.

This tree had more flowers.
This might be a different kind of cherry blossoms from the Somei-Yoshino cherry tree.

These are cherry blossoms on the banks of a river near the super market where I often go for shopping.
I love to see cherry blossoms especially in the waterfront.

It was reported that the flowering of cherry blossoms in the central area of Tokyo was earlier than usual this year.
The report of early flowering makes us so joyful, because we look forward to the flower forecast of cherry blossoms every year in early spring.
But, it might have been caused by rise of temperature by air pollution.
There seem to be something that we can do in our daily lives to hold off environmental pollution, not only to leave it to the government and the enterprises.

took on April 4

Seasonal scenery in my town.