== Cherry Blossoms 2006 ( 2 ) ==

Cherry blossoms in full-bloom

The road along the cherry blossoms is always crowded in this season.
And beneath the trees, many people gather to have feast for looking at beautiful flowers.

I took this photo at the upper floor of a building.
I think that water surface suits the background of cherry blossoms very well.

Most plants grew late because of the cold wave,
but cherry blossoms became full-bloom earlier.
So I could enjoy the different kind of cherry blossoms at the same time.
The left photo is Somei-yoshino that is one of the most common cherry blossoms.
The right photo is another kind of cherry blossoms
that blooms and scatters earlier than Somei-yoshino.

took on April 1 2006

Seasonal scenery in my town.