The shrine in snow.

It had begun to snow before dawn of January 21, and it continued falling until mid-night.
On my way back home, I stopped by at Seto Shrine and took photographs.

It was after an interval of five years that Yokohama had more than 10 cm deep snow.

It was snowing thick and fast.
I put up an umbrella in one hand and operated the camera in the other,
because I worried if the camera might become drenched,
Seto Shrine was beautiful in snow.
In spite of cold and heavy snow, there were worshipers.

Everything in the precincts was divinely covered with the snow.
It was so cold that my fingertips were numb with cold,
after I had taken some pictures.

This is mountain behind my house.

Please take a look at the same mountain of the autumn tints.

Wrote on February 3 2006

Seasonal scenery in my town.