In a cold day

Cold wave brought low temperature to Japan this winter.
Though it was cold, I took a walk on the bay side promenade where I love.
The leaves of most trees had fallen down, and most grasses had already withered.
I found red fruits of a cycad.

Cold wave hit northern region of Japan,
and they were damaged by heavy snowfall.
But we were lack of rain in Yokohama.
It seemed that camellia ( sasanqua ) trees had less flowers than usual year.
Maybe it's because of too cold wind or lack of water.

The wind blowing from the bay was chilly.
Though there was a nip in the air,
the blue sky and the calm bay make me feel some kind of strain of beginning of the new year.

There were sound of the wave, the song of birds, and the smile of the people passing by.
I wish there calm scenery and atmosphere of my town would remain like they were today.

Wrote on January 22 2006

Seasonal scenery in my town.