Cherry blossoms in my town 2005

Cherry blossoms often appear in Japanese culture. It symbolizes that everything is transient, because the flowering season of cherry blossoms is so short.
Especially this year, they started blooming too suddenly and fell down too early. Many of cherry trees started falling within a week after they had had the first flower.

I often pass this street when I go shopping and for a stroll.
It's nice to see the places around me show the seasonal beauty.

Only four days before, the trees had few flower.
As the temperature rose suddenly twenty or more degrees,
the flowers on every tree bloomed in a day.

The day after they were in full-bloom,
strong wind blew and rained.
Three days after I took these photos,
most flowers have fallen by strong wind and rain.
The life of cherry blossoms this year was so short.
It might be the symbolic beauty of cherry blossoms.

Wrote on April 18 2005

Here's more photos of cherry blossoms 2005

Seasonal scenery in my town.