Hydrangea involucrata. Tama Azisai.

Hydrangea involucrata starts blooming when the other hydrangeas have ended their best time. The flower time is from August to September.
The bud looks like the egg which has the energy of the plant inside of it.

Flowers come out as if they break the egg. When the flowers have opened completely, they look like the other hydrangeas.
But I love to see them when they are on the process of blooming. Because the appearance is peculiar to this species and it's cute.

The white flowers are not flowers,
and the small purple balls are actually the flowers.

Hydrangea involucrata.
Common name in Japanese is Tama (ball) Azisai (hydrangea).
Took on Sep. 5 (at Kanazawa botanical garden).

Wrote on Sep. 12 2003.

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