Shrine and temple.
Wishing for the happy New Year.

On New Year's Day, many of Japanese people go to temples or shrines to pay their first visits of the year. Shrines and temples prepare for them in the year-end.

On New Year's Eve,
I went to a shrine and I happened to see the traditional formal ceremony there.

In the first visits of the year, worshippers pray for the happiness of the new year and buy good-luck articles ( traditional New Year's decorations).

In the year-end, we remove them and replace them with new ones. This is the scenery of the place to burn the removed old decorations.

This is the sacred straw rope ring that is larger than the adult's average height.
We passed under it. It means we cleanse ourselves. Then the priest and the maidens of the shrine led us to an alter. This shrine is close to my home but it was my first participation to this traditional ceremony. I felt refreshed and felt something pure.


These are the photos of the other shrine and temple.
Every shrine and temple finishes their preparation for the new year.


Updated Jan. 11 2003

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