Cherry blossoms 2002 (2)
Cherry blossoms in Kamakura
On March 24, when it stopped raining, I went to the historical city Kamakura. It is located next to my town.
Usually the cherry trees in Kamakura become full bloom about a week later than in my town.
But they were already at their best.

cherry blossoms

Kamakura is the city that is known with its historical temples and shrines. Cherry blossoms match this city. The cherry trees branches were hanging down under the weight of the flowers, and they were reflected in the water of the pond. It was so nice view.
Please click the left photo and see larger one.

The Kamakura Hachiman-Gu area is famous and popular for tourists. On this day, there were so many people to watch the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms. Especially at the best view point of it, many visitors were taking the photos.
I reported the cherry blossoms scenery in 1999 in this page.

The sky was so clear and blue. Cherry blossoms looked so beautiful in the blue sky.
The lower right photo has the larger one. Please click and see it.

cherry blossoms

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

wrote on March 30 2002

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