Cherry Blossoms. Short-lived beauty
Cheryy blossoms 2002 (1) Muronoki in Kanazawa Ward.

In Yokohama, cherry blossoms bloom usually in the first week of April.
But this year they started blooming earlier than usual.
In March, it suddenly became so warm.
The cherry blossoms suddenly started opening and soon became in full-bloom, then they were blown by the strong wind.
Unfortunately the warm wind brought rain.
The cherry blossoms look like leaving so rapidly.

The following photos are what I took on March 22.

The weather report said that it would rain in this afternoon.
The sky was already dark
but some people were getting together to have lunch watching the cherry blossoms.

On that day the warning about the strong wind was held in many cities in Japan.
The sky was so dark that I understood it was inappropriate for taking photos.
But I wanted to keep the cherry blossoms scenery of this year.

Soon after I came back home, it started raining and it became heavy.
Two days later (March 24 ) ,when the weather was so fine, I went to Kamakura to see the cherry blossoms.

Updated March 26 2002

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