About my town.
Autumn colors. (2)

The flower of Kanazawa-ku is wild cherry blossoms. Their leaves turned their colors into red. After all the leaves falled, they must be in preparation for the spring flower time.

There are not such vivid colorful flowers as in spring.
Only some flowers are in their blooming time.

Many of the flowers faded, and the most typical autumn flower is mum.

On the sidewalk, some of hydrangea remained their colors. This is the bench on a shady lane. I took a rest on this bench often in summer. Now only the falling leaves are gathering around it.
The park was always bustling in summer but it is so quiet now.

Kanazawa-ku is said to be the most beautiful town in Yokohama. We have green mountains and blue sea. But the mountains has been destroyed and developed for housing continuously day by day.

wrote on December 10 2002.

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