About my town.
Autumn colors. (1)
The newspapers and TV programs are reporting that the colored leaves is more beautiful than usual this year.
Also in my town, Kanazawa-ku of Yokohama City, the leaves of the mountains are showing their best colors.

O-ise mountainEnkai mountain.

Japanese maple changed their color into beautiful scarlet and particularly attracts my eyes.

Kamayiya entrance of Kanazawa nature park.

Some trees turned red, some trees turned yellow. And evergreen trees are clear green. The different colors of the leaves make the nice gradation. It makes me image the Japanese traditional woven pattern.

The colored scenery of the mountain is formed with the variety of the color leaves. I have heard that the colors come from their wastes. I feel that the leaves might be showing their most beautiful appearance before they end their lives.

Wrote on November 24 2002.

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