Flowers along the waterside (1)

We had unusual weather this spring. Some spring flowers started blooming so earlier than usual.

I went to a stroll through the pavement along the Hirakata Bay.
I found that the flowers there were blooming the same season as usual.

They have strange and beautiful flowers.

Brush tree.
They were no longer in their season. But little flowers were left on the branches.

The Seaside line is the suburban train running between Kanazawa Ward and Isogo ward. The scenery that the two trains passed each other was beautiful view with the sky background.

Now it's rainy season. After the rain has passed, we'll have summer.
The seasonal flowers were showing their most beautiful figure.

Take a look at the photos of flowers along the waterside.

With my original Midi.

With no music.

June 29 2002

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