Spring has come.

cherry blossomsOn a warm day at the end of March, I went out for a walk. When I was taking a turn in Nojima park, where is close to my home, I was surprised to find that the cherry trees were already in full blossom.
It was so earlier than usual.

Generally they become at their best in early April. I could enjoy unexpected nice scenery.
We had cold days in March and suddenly it became so warm. Maybe the changeable weather make them open earlier than usual.

cherry blossoms cherry blossoms

Nojima park is a small sea side green tract. At the seashore in Nojima Park, the residents were gathering shellfish. It is known that the littleneck clams in this beach are so delicious.


It was really warm day as I sweat while walking. Cherry blossoms in Muronoki were also in full bloom.

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

Camellia were blooming, spring wild flowers were blooming, and horsetail were coming out.

camelliawild flowerhorsetail

Some days later, we had cold days as if we had winter again.
We had so changeable weather this year, and the temperature changed day by day.
I worried the cherry blossoms might fade by the cold wind and rain. But, finally, the cherry blossoms bloomed longer than usual.

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