My town in the snow

wrote on February 06 2001

The snow began falling at January 26 night again. The next morning the scenery already became white. I took some photos on the way come back home.
The snow covered the street and houses.
We seldom have such amount of snow as on this day.
Every street was covered with snow and the scenery changed into white. It was quite different from usual.

This is one of the most historical temple in my town.
Ryugeji or Ryuge Temple.
It is along the street where the traffic is always so heavy.
The annual tea ceremony party is held in this temple. I reported the tea ceremony in this page.
In the white and silent street, a branch attracted me. It was kuroganemochi in Japanese. The red seeds were small but beautifully showed its existence.

The left one is Seto shrine close to Kanazawa Hakkei station.
Many people pay a visit to this shrine on the year-end day and new year's day.
The right one is a historical site called "stone of happiness." This is opposite the shrine.

On the pedestrian overpass and the steep side walk, I saw people were working to remove the snow accumulated.
They were working to keep the residents safe.
I deeply thanked to them.

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