Peony in the snow ( in Kamakura )

January 27 2001

peony We hadn't had snow for three years but we had snow on January 20.
I reported the snowy scenery three years ago
The snow changed into the rain at midnight but the scenery turned white.
The next day the weather was fine. I went to a peony garden in Kamakura City to see the peonies covered with snow.
In the metropolitan area in Japan, we seldom have snow. The scenery of the winter peony in the snow is so popular that many people were there to take photos.

peony The garden is located in the precinct of a shrine called Kamakura Hachimangu. This is the shrine that Minamoto Yoritomo, the famous samurai, contributed in the 12nd century.

These peonies are basically bloom in springtime. But the peonies in this garden are technically planted to bloom in cold winter.
Every peony tree is covered with straw enclosure to protect from the cold wind.

peonyThe observation road is made along a large pond. I'd ever seen many carps and turtles in the pond but I didn't see any of them on this day. It might be too cold for them to come out of the water. The surface of the water looked icy. Maybe it was frozen.

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