Among the spring and summer, under the rainy sky

seaside lineAround the Kanazawahakkei station of Keikyu Express Line used to be a beautiful place. It was frequently painted in ukiyoe (Japanese traditional painting). Since this area had been reclaimed land from the bay into housing, the scenery was quite changed. But there is a promenade along the Hirakata Bay. It's my favorite place.

The most typical flower in rainy season is hydrangea. There are several different kinds of them here. The shade under the trees might be comfortable environment for them to grow well.


I found an interesting flower. This was on the tree in the shade. My friend told that it is feijoa sellowiana. It is also called pineapple guava and smells like pineapple.

hydrangea hydrangea hydrangea

brush treeThis is brush tree flower after their blooming time. It looks like a wood arts, doesn't it? In May it blooms so beautiful.
Please see how it is in their blooming season.
It blooms also in autumn but it's more beautiful in June.

I noticed a black bird. It looked at me and doesn't move as if it wanted me to take a photo.

birdI thought it was too far to take the photo without telephoto lens but I tried. I hope you see it. It's cormorant.
You'll see the fishing shop at the back. This area is so famous for fishing and there are many shops to rent fishing boat.

I saw more flowers and took photos.

Please take a look in this page.

flower flowerflower

Wrote July 1 2001

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